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Task Force on Climate-Related Disclosure Phase II Consultation
LAPFF supports the recommendations of the FSB Taskforce and considers all market participants should be encouraged to aim for full implementation. The Forum further considers that guidance could go beyond promoting disclosure of scenario that reflects a 1.5 – 2 degree future, to recommending that companies should be positioning themselves for a low carbon future by disclosing a strategic business transition plan.
Tesco: asking the right questions of the proposed merger with Booker
Whilst aspects of Tesco’s merger with Booker look strategically defensible, LAPFF is concerned by the degree to which this transaction is aimed at enabling Tesco to grow outside its core retail grocery business and by standards of governance around the approval of the deal at Board level.
Robust Safeguards Needed in Sky – 21st Century Fox Deal to Protect Public Shareholders, says LAPFF
The news that 21st Century Fox has made a takeover bid for Sky comes as no surprise to many and LAPFF has long envisaged this being the objective of the 21st Century Fox, its largest shareholder, and the Murdoch family.
Reliable accounts - EU Parliament
IFRS 9 - Letter to the Presidents of the EU Parliament, Commission and Council
LAPFF Welcomes DCLG Guidance on Investment Regulations on ESG, fund autonomy, and the role of the Scheme Advisory Board
The publication of Scheme Guidance from DCLG reflects HMG in ‘listening mode’
LAPFF Publishes Tax Risk Profiles of FTSE 100: Results not reassuring
The questionnaire results suggest substantial room for improvement in reporting tax risk, particularly in relation to country-by-country reporting on tax.
IBC’s 14th Annual Local Government Pension Investment Forum 2016 - 11-13 October 2016, Guoman Tower Hotel, London
With over 300 delegates in 2015 – including 180+ from Local Authorities from across the country – LGPIF provides excellent networking opportunities, as well as the chance to discuss some of the big issues facing you in 2016 and beyond.
Disregard the FRC. "The government did not back the financial regulator" says LAPFF to Chairs of FTSE 350 companies
FOI reveals the government refused to back the Financial Reporting Council’s position, despite claims it had
LAPFF Supports Human Capital Resolution at Sports Direct
Local government pensions body backs resolution seeking a review of human capital management strategy at British retailer, Sports Direct.
Sir Philip Hampton and Dame Helen Alexander praise 30% Club’s public call for renewed efforts on board diversity
Today, the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Women on Boards Review, have praised the 30% Club’s letter to the FT on 1 August, noting the ‘key role [that] investors play in encouraging FTSE350 companies to increase the number of women on their boards…’
Local Authority Pension Fund APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group)
The APPG on local authority pension funds has been set up by LAPFF to discuss the issues and concerns of local authority pension funds and the work of the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum.
LAPFF calls for the battle for board diversity to pick up pace
LAPFF is pleased to see that the Financial Times has today published its joint letter on board diversity. The letter, which LAPFF helped draft, expresses disappointment at recent stagnation in steps to improve gender diversity on boards.
‘Engaging for a Low Carbon Transition’ - new report published by LAPFF and Carbon Tracker Initiative
LAPFF and Carbon Tracker Initiative have published a new report: ‘Engaging for a Low Carbon Transition’, which sets out why a 2˚C business model can be less risky than ‘business-as-usual’ for oil and gas companies.
LAPFF and Carbon Tracker’s Report Launch: Engaging for a Low Carbon Transition
On 21st July, LAPFF and Carbon Tracker are launching the report ‘Engaging for a Low Carbon Transition’ which sets out why a 2˚C business model can be less risky than ‘business-as-usual’ for oil and gas companies.
LAPFF advises rejecting WPP Remuneration Report
LAPFF has advised its member funds to vote against WPP’s remuneration report which is being put to shareholders at the Company’s AGM on Wednesday 8 June 2016.
LAPFF supports shareholder position paper calling for improved climate risk reporting
In May 2016, LAPFF signed a shareholder position paper on climate risk reporting. This paper calls on companies to assess and report their climate-related risks within their annual report to shareholders, in the interests of prudent and long-term capital stewardship. In many jurisdictions, to do so is already a requirement for listed companies, but this paper sets out why companies and regulators need to be do more to ensure that such requirements are properly implemented.
All three strategic resilience resolutions at integrated miners get voted through
Yesterday, the last of the three ‘strategic resilience’ shareholder resolutions that were filed at UK integrated miners this year was voted on, at Glencore’s AGM.
LAPFF welcomes opening of COP21 Agreement for signing
On 22 April, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon will convene a signing ceremony for the Paris Agreement, which was adopted by 196 nations at COP21 in December 2015.
Climate risk transparency goes to the vote at Rio Tinto with unprecedented investor support
The AGM of Rio Tinto (Thursday 14 April) will see the first of three strategic resilience resolutions being put to UK integrated mining companies. In a rare move for hareholder resolutions, the Rio board has supported this resolution as have the boards of Glencore and Anglo-American, where similar resolutions have been filed.
Investor community shows increasing support for Aiming for A strategic resilience resolutions
Following decisions by the boards of Rio Tinto, Glencore and Anglo American to support the strategic resilience resolutions co-filed by LAPFF funds and other investors, a number of additional asset owners and asset managers have expressed public support for the resolutions.
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