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LAPFF’s mission

To protect the long-term investment interests of beneficiaries by promoting the highest standards of corporate governance and corporate responsibility amongst investee companies.


LAPFF’s ESG Policies

Click here to read the Forum’s environmental, social and corporate governance policy positions.



Annual Reports


2016 Annual Report


Highlights: progress on LGPS pooling, APPG, reliable accounts developments, Rio Tinto, Glencore and Anglo American climate resilience resolutions, Sports Direct human capital resolution, executive pay and AGM attendance, diversity






2015 Annual Report

Highlights: 20 years of LAPFF successes, Bompas II opinion, Shell and BP climate resilience resolutions victories, tax transparency, clinical trials transparency, labour rights in Qatar, engagement highlights





2014 Annual Report

Highlights: increased AGM attendance, LGPS reform, Betfair, executive pay, Barclays, diversity, Glencore, phone hacking, supply chain risks, palm oil and fracking.





Annual report 2013.png

2013 annual report

Highlights: Reliable accounts and legal opinions, Energy and Carbon Management, Expectations for Executive Pay, engagement with Afren, Rio Tinto and Lonmin, promoting good governance and AGM attendance





2012 Annual Report Pic

2012 Annual Report

Highlights: IFRS, executive pay, Barclays, diversity, sustainable supply chains, News Corp and governance engagement at Goldman Sachs, Heineken and Danone.





2011 Annual Report Pic

2011 Annual Report

Highlights: News Corp and BSkyB, Shell in Nigeria, obesity risks, governance engagement at Antofagasta, Nestle and Schroders.







2010 Annual Report Pic2010 Annual Report

Highlights: oil sands shareholder resolutions, health & safety at BP, Vedanta in India, companies operating in Sudan, governance engagement at Colt, Xstrata and






2009 Annual Report Pic2009 Annual Report

Highlights: non-financial incentives for executives, obesity, Mark's & Spencer, humanitarian concerns.







2008 Annual Report Pic2008 Annual Report

Highlights: independent Chair at Mark's & Spencer, incentivising executives, audit reports, company employment practices.







2007 Annual Report Pic2007 Annual Report

Highlights: audit reform, trustee guide on Chinese labour standards, progress engaging Tesco & Morrisons, climate change.







2006 Annual Report

Highlights: workforce employment practices, greenhouse gas emissions disclosure, audit quality.


2005 Annual Report

Highlights: fund manager best practices, mergers & acquisitions, labour standards in China.


2004 Annual Report

Highlights: Combined Code on Corporate Governance, executive

pay, corporate responsibility.


2003 Annual Report

Highlights: executive pay, climate change disclosure, supply chain disclosure.


2002 Annual Report

Highlights: FTSE100 greenhouse gas emissions, directors contracts, overseas labour standards, Higgs Review.


2001 Annual Report
Highlights: environmental reporting, climate change, labour standards in the FTSE100 and directors pay.



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