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LAPFF’s mission

To protect the long-term investment interests of beneficiaries by promoting the highest standards of corporate governance and corporate responsibility amongst investee companies.


LAPFF’s ESG Policies

Click here to read the Forum’s environmental, social and corporate governance policy positions.



Latest Research



Engaging for a Low Carbon Transition

The report sets out why a 2°C business model can be less risky than ‘business-as-usual’ for oil and gas companies and explains what this means for shareholder value. Sept 2016




Corporate Tax Transparency Initiative Report

The Forum surveyed the FTSE 100 with a qualitative questionnaire on what policies and structures the UK’s largest companies have in place to respond to investor concerns about tax risk. The questionnaire results suggest substantial room for improvement in reporting tax risk, particularly in relation to country-by-country reporting on tax. Sept 2016




Trustee Guide: Mergers and Acquisitions

This guide is intended to provide an overview of M&A activity, and to help trustees understand the factors that can make a deal succeed or fail. It updates an earlier guide (Which Deals Create Value: Mergers and Acquisitions Through the Lens, published in 2007). May 2016




LAPFF ESG Policies - Executive Summary

A compilation of the Forum's environmental, social and corporate governance policy positions. Read the full version here




"Sorry Wrong Number" Post Mortem Part III

In this paper, LAPFF sets out how central figures in the accounting profession have consistently argued that the law is different to what the legislation provides; a clear example of regulatory capture. Dec 2015.







Bank Post Mortem - Follow up


Banks Post Mortem - Follow up

Forum wants an independent enquiry into IFRS failures & improvement to bank accounting standards. Dec 2013





Blacklisting on Construction Projects

LAPFF considers engagement with construction companies to assess the likelihood of potential claims and to stress the need to respect employment rights. Oct 2013



Expectations for Executive PayExec Pay Pic

LAPFF recognises that there is a window of opportunity to redefine the debate on  executive remuneration. This document is intended to identify practical ways forward, and to promote alternative strategies of remuneration that are better aligned with long-term, sustainable returns and shareholder value, March 2013.





Trustee Guide: People & Investment Value PeopleInvestmentValuePic

What really motivates people to perform at a high level? This Trustee Guide introduces a set of questions to help trustees distinguish between companies with compelling employee value propositions. It serves as a guide for funds to encourage companies to improve operating and stock price performance through better human capital performance, Nov 2012



Local Authority Pension Funds: Investing for GrowthInvestingforGrowthPicwBorder

A detailed assessment of how pension funds can use their substantial resources to deploy capital in ways that derive wider economic benefit, Sept 2012





Best practice guidelines: Assessing asset managers

This guide sets out assessment criteria for aspects of delegated shareholder engagement, and integrates updated best practice guidance Read the full version here Mar 2012




Bank Post Mortem Image


UK and Irish Banks Capital Losses - Post Mortem

LAPFF's view into banking failures in the UK and Ireland from the perspective of shareholders, Sept 2011







Trustee Guide: Investing in a changing climateClimateGuidePic

A guide for trustees to address climate-related risk at investee companies and to assess opportunities for the provision of long-term investment returns afforded by a low-carbon future, September 2010.





Note on Emissions Trading

Information for members on the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and other cap and trade mechanisms, Jun 2010


LAPFF Statement on Climate Change

LAPFF sets out its position on the potential risks associated with climate change and how it aims to address them, Mar 2010



2009 - 2002

A statement on the financial crisis by The Local Authority Pension Fund Forum
According to many serious commentators, the world is facing the most severe economic disruption since the Great Depression. We consider it imperative that under these circumstances companies should be striving to maintain the highest standards of corporate governance, May 2009


Proxy Voting Disclosure by UK Asset Managers

LAPFF analysis of public disclosure of voting records by UK asset managers, Apr 2009


Trustee Guide: Which Deals Create Value? Mergers and Acquisitions

This guide is intended to provide an overview of M&A activity, and to help trustees understand the factors that can make a deal succeed or fail, Dec 2007


Trustee Guide: Unlocking Human Capital: Engagement on Employment Best Practice

A Guide to the assessment of companies' workforce reporting against core indicators of good practice, and to the development of an engagement strategy on employment issues, Jun 2007

Trustee Guide: Labour Standards in China: Best Practice Guidelines

This guide will help funds and their managers to develop effective engagement and monitoring practices on labour standards at companies with operations or supply chains in China, Jan 2007


Trustee Guide: Holding Fund Managers to Account

LAPFF challenges UK fund management industry to make shareholder engagement effective: Research report and LAPFF Trustee Guide, Oct 2006


Labour Standards in China

LAPFF highlights employment risks and opportunities for companies in China, Oct 2006


Pension Funds and Climate Change

Read about the latest developments in climate change policy, and opportunities for local authority pension funds to take action on climate change, Oct 2006


Climate Change - An Engagement Strategy

Commissioned report examining the risk posed by climate change to businesses with long-term research and development (R&D) programmes with recommendations for investor engagement, Jan 2005


Company Workforce Practices

LAPFF trustee guide sets the framework for company reporting on workforce practices, Apr 2005


Reporting on Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Initial Company Responses

This report summarises the Forum's shareholder engagement initiative undertaken in conjunction with the Environment Agency Pension Fund, to raise the issue of reporting on greenhouse gas emissions with specific reference to the guidelines published by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra), Jun 2002

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