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LAPFF’s mission

To protect the long-term investment interests of beneficiaries by promoting the highest standards of corporate governance and corporate responsibility amongst investee companies.


List of Members

The following local authority pension funds are members of LAPFF. Collectively they represent £175 billion in assets under management.


Avon Pension Fund

Barking and Dagenham LB

Bedfordshire Pension Fund

Cambridgeshire Pension Fund

Camden LB

Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Pension Fund

Cheshire Pension Fund

City and County of Swansea Pension Fund

City of London Corporation
Clwyd Pension Fund
Croydon LB

Cumbria Pension Scheme
Derbyshire CC
Devon CC
Dorset County Pension Fund
Dyfed Pension Fund
Ealing LB
East Riding of Yorkshire Council

East Sussex Pension Fund
Enfield LB

Environment Agency Pension Fund

Falkirk Council

Gloucestershire Pension Fund

Greater Gwent Fund
Greater Manchester Pension Fund

Greenwich Pension Fund RB
Gwynedd Pension Fund
Hackney LB

Haringey LB

Harrow LB

Hertfordshire County Council Pension Fund
Hounslow LB
Islington LB

Lambeth LB
Lancashire County Pension Fund
Lewisham LB
Lincolnshire CC
London Pension Fund Authority
Lothian Pension Fund
Merseyside Pension Fund
Newham LB
Norfolk Pension Fund
North East Scotland Pension Fund
North Yorkshire CC Pension Fund
Northamptonshire CC
Northern Ireland Local Government Officers Superannuation Committee (NILGOSC)

Northumberland CC
Nottinghamshire CC

Powys County Council Pension Fund

Redbridge LB

Rhondda Cynon Taf

Shropshire Council
Somerset CC
Sheffield City Region Combined Authority

South Yorkshire Pensions Authority

Southwark LB

Staffordshire Pension Fund

Strathclyde Pension Fund

Suffolk County Council Pension Fund

Surrey CC

Sutton LB
Teesside Pension Fund

Tower Hamlets LB

Tyne and Wear Pension Fund
Waltham Forest LB

Wandsworth LB
Warwickshire Pension Fund
West Midlands ITA Pension Fund
West Midlands Pension Fund
West Yorkshire Pension Fund
Wiltshire CC
Worcestershire CC

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