The Exec Committee

Councillor Doug McMurdo

Doug is Chair (Acting) of the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum and a member of the Bedfordshire Pension Fund. He is also the Ward Councillor for Sharnbrook Ward representing six rural communities in north Bedfordshire.


Councillor Rob Chapman

Vice-chair (Acting)


Rob is Chair of LB Hackney Pension Committee. He has previously held positions as Chair of Hackney’s Governance and Resources Scrutiny Commission and as its Chief Whip. Hackney’s representative on the London Collective Investment Vehicle (CIV) Sectoral Committee since 2014, he now sits on the CIV Shareholder’s Committee.


Councillor Yvonne Johnson



Yvonne has been the Chair of the Ealing Pension Fund and Cabinet member for finance performance and customer services since 2010. She is also one of the two Vice-Chairs of the London CIV. Until her retirement Yvonne was a secondary school teacher.


Chris Hitchen



Chris is Chair of the Border to Coast Pensions Partnership.  He is also Chair of Scheme Committees at TPT Retirement Solutions and a Director of the Investor Forum, as well as being a Trustee member at NEST. An actuary with thirty years in pensions and investments, Chris has previously served as CEO at RPMI Railpen and Chair of the PLSA.



Councillor Ian Brookfield



Ian has been the Chair of the West Midlands Pension Fund since 2016, and is their shareholder representative on the newly formed LGPS Central Pool. Ian is a Union rep at Royal Mail and has been their nominee on the Royal Mail D.C. pension scheme.


Councillor Glyn Caron



Glyn is the chair of the Greater Gwent (Torfaen) Pension Fund. He is also a member of the Welsh Pension Partnership Joint Governance Committee.


Rachel Brothwood



Rachel Brothwood is Director of Pensions at the West Midlands Pension Fund and has been appointed as Hon Treasurer for LAPFF.  A qualified Actuary, Rachel joined the WMPF in 2015 having previously worked with a wide range of organisations, advising on risk management in pension scheme funding and investment.



Councillor Alasdair Rankin


Alasdair currently sits on the City of Edinburgh Council, as well as the Pensions Committee and Corporate Policy and Strategy Committee, among others. He is also a member of the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA).






Councillor Barney Crockett



Barney is Convener of the Pensions Committee at the North East Scotland Pension Fund (NESPF). Cllr Crockett is a former Ombudsman and was previously a Head Teacher.


Mr Rodney Barton



Rodney is Director of the West Yorkshire Pension Fund, and was elected to the LAPFF Executive Committee in 2011. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant and subsequently worked for a large accountancy firm and Merseyside Pension Fund.


Councillor Eddie Pope



Eddie is a Lancashire County Councillor representing three rural parishes in West Lancashire. He is an Accountant having worked in the NHS and Higher Education and is Chairman of the Lancashire County Council Pension Fund.


Tom Harrington



Tom is the Assistant Director (Investments) of the Greater Manchester Pension Fund, the largest LGPS fund in the UK. GMPF is administered by Tameside MBC, where Tom began his career as a trainee accountant.


Abigail Leech



Abigail has been the Head of Lancashire County Pension Fund since November 2015, she is also the interim S151 officer for the London Pension Fund Authority (LPFA).  Abigail originally joined Lancashire County Council in 2009 as the Financial Controller for the Fund before becoming the Head of Corporate Finance in 2012.