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NZ Climate Reporting Consultation Response

LAPFF has responded to the New Zealand Government consultation on their proposal to mandate companies to report in a consistent and defined manner how climate change impacts their business and investments. LAPFF agrees with the proposals for new mandatory reporting requirements which should be widespread and implemented on a comply or explain basis. LAPFF agrees […]

Response to the Independent Review of the Financial Reporting Council

LAPFF has responded to the review on the proposed replacement of the Financial Reporting Council (FRC). LAPFF has had concerns about accounting and audit practices since the banking crisis and has stated for some time that there was leadership failure with the FRC, that the FRC needed to be disbanded and replaced, that the position […]

Climate Change and Green Finance Submission by Sarasin & Partners LLP and Local Authority Pension Fund Forum

Along with Sarasin and Partners LLP with whom LAPFF submitted this response, the Forum would welcome the FCA, alongside the reconstituted Financial Reporting Council (FRC) 2, confirming the existing requirements for transparent reporting of climate-related risks and providing supportive guidance for how companies should meet their obligations to ensure full disclosure and to support comparability. […]

Consulting on a Revised UK Corporate Governance Code

LAPFF’s response focuses on the FRC’s own governance problems and raises the incongruity of the FRC campaigning on the importance of ‘culture’. The response also calls for more legal requirements to ensure that stakeholder voices of all types are taken into consideration, in particular those of employees and consumers, and notes the lack of action […]

Financial Reporting Council consultation – Draft amendments to Guidance on the Strategic report Non-financial reporting

LAPFF has responded to the FRC consultation on draft amendments to Guidance on the Strategic Report Non-financial reporting. The response emphasised that as an investor forum, LAPFF believes that robust rules, application and practice on accounting and financial reporting are essential to safeguard the interests of pension fund beneficiaries.   FRC consultation

07 Mar

Ethnic Diversity of UK Boards

LAPFF’s supports the main interim findings of the Parker Review on Ethnic Diversity of UK Boards. The Forum’s response focuses on the importance of board diversity for investors and the role that investors play in ensuring that companies are working towards having more ethnically diverse boards. Ethnic Diversity of UK Boards LAPFF Response to the [...]

Corporate Governance Reform

LAPFF’s response focuses on how to ensure that executive pay is properly aligned to long-term performance and on giving greater voice to employees and consumers in the boardroom.  It also sets out where there are major problems with the FRC as the regulator of governance, accounts and financial reporting.   LAPFF Response to BEIS Green […]