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NZ Climate Reporting Consultation Response

LAPFF has responded to the New Zealand Government consultation on their proposal to mandate companies to report in a consistent and defined manner how climate change impacts their business and investments. LAPFF agrees with the proposals for new mandatory reporting requirements which should be widespread and implemented on a comply or explain basis. LAPFF agrees […]

Climate Change and Green Finance Submission by Sarasin & Partners LLP and Local Authority Pension Fund Forum

Along with Sarasin and Partners LLP with whom LAPFF submitted this response, the Forum would welcome the FCA, alongside the reconstituted Financial Reporting Council (FRC) 2, confirming the existing requirements for transparent reporting of climate-related risks and providing supportive guidance for how companies should meet their obligations to ensure full disclosure and to support comparability. […]

Task Force on Climate-Related Disclosure Phase II Consultation

LAPFF supports the recommendations of the FSB Taskforce and considers all market participants should be encouraged to aim for full implementation. The Forum further considers that guidance could go beyond promoting disclosure of scenario that reflects a 1.5 – 2 degree future, to recommending that companies should be positioning themselves for a low carbon future […]

Task Force on Climate Disclosure’s Phase I Consultation

Task Force on Climate Disclosure’s Phase I Consultation The Forum encourages a forward-looking focus on detailed quantitative and qualitative reporting, supported by additional narrative where necessary, across five elements: operational emissions; strategic resilience; research and development; the governance of company policy implementation on climate change and key performance indicators; and public policy. Within this framework, […]

Consultation Paper on Review of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ESG Reporting Guide

Consultation Paper on Review of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ESG Reporting Guide LAPFF has responded to a consultation paper issued by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting Guide calling for mandatory reporting of carbon emissions. The Forum has welcomed and endorsed the move towards a ‘comply or […]