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07 Mar

Ethnic Diversity of UK Boards

LAPFF’s supports the main interim findings of the Parker Review on Ethnic Diversity of UK Boards. The Forum’s response focuses on the importance of board diversity for investors and the role that investors play in ensuring that companies are working towards having more ethnically diverse boards. Ethnic Diversity of UK Boards LAPFF Response to the [...]

House of Lords Consultation on Gender Balance

House of Lords Consultation on Gender Balance The 30% Club, which LAPFF is an investor supporter, advocates for voluntary measures to increase the number of women on UK corporate boards, June 2012. 30% Club Response to House of Lords on Board Diversity   Consultation on Gender imbalance in corporate boards in the EU Response advocates […]

Consultation on Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

LAPFF has responded to a consultation on the development of a corporate human rights benchmark calling for increased reporting of examples pertaining to the implementation of corporate human rights policies and systems. LAPFF finds that often annual reports and CSR reports provide great detail and evidence of the existence of policies and systems but very […]