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09 Nov

LAPFF releases climate change investment policy framework to guide member funds on stewardship activities on carbon

In the wake of the Bonn climate conference, LAPFF has issued a ground breaking climate change investment policy framework.  The first of its kind for Local Government Pension Scheme funds, the framework aims to help LAPFF members, and other investors, implement best practice in tackling the investment risks and opportunities that result from climate change. […]

LAPFF Statement on Climate Change

The Forum believes that companies have a unique role to play in addressing the challenges posed by climate change, not only because they are emitters of greenhouse gases, but also as they are providers of short and long-term solutions to decarbonising the economy and adapting to climate change.   View Climate Change Statement

Climate risks should be reported under existing rules

The disconnect between existing company reporting rules and the lack of disclosure of climate risks needs to be urgently addressed. The undersigned investors call on all companies to assess and report any material climate-related risks within their annual report to shareholders. This is a prerequisite for prudent and long-term capital stewardship. It is also a […]