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01 May

Employees on boards Modernising governance

The importance of managing people well, and of ensuring that employees are engaged and have a voice at work, has probably never been more high profile in Responsible Investment.Partly this is because some companies have got it wrong – we can all think of examples like Sports Direct or Ryanair. But there are also a […]

07 Jan

Are Fund Managers Missing The Target On Stewardship? An Asset Owner Perspective

This report holds a mirror up to the fund management sector with the aim of highlighting where members think it is doing well and where there is room for improvement. By doing so, the aim is to help strengthen the relationship between asset owners and asset managers, and to help ensure LAPFF members get the […]

16 Mar

Precarious Work

As part of its work on human capital management, LAPFF has produced a paper on precarious work. This paper assesses the context, frequency, and implications of precarious work for employers and those people performing work on their behalf. It then suggests why responsible investors should be concerned about this phenomenon. The paper concludes with suggestions […]

09 Mar

Share Buyback: Solutions or Illusions

In 2015, LAPFF issued a discussion paper on the subject of share buybacks. Since then the matter of share buybacks is now a subject of attention in the government White Paper of August 2017, particularly the impact on executive remuneration, but also other economic implications. Often, the reason given for buybacks is that the company […]

30 Oct

TAX STRATEGY REPORTING AMONG THE FTSE 50- Slow to emerge, poorly executed, but some examples of excellence

Poll after poll shows that tax avoidance is the number one concern of the UK public when it comes to corporate conduct. Without doubt, how a company deals with its tax affairs is key to its reputation. This creates enormous corporate risks, but opportunities also. Across the globe, a wide range of stakeholders are calling […]

07 Mar

Ethnic Diversity of UK Boards

LAPFF’s supports the main interim findings of the Parker Review on Ethnic Diversity of UK Boards. The Forum’s response focuses on the importance of board diversity for investors and the role that investors play in ensuring that companies are working towards having more ethnically diverse boards. Ethnic Diversity of UK Boards LAPFF Response to the [...]

Tesco: asking the right questions of the proposed merger with Booker

Whilst aspects of Tesco’s merger with Booker look strategically defensible, LAPFF is concerned by the degree to which this transaction is aimed at enabling Tesco to grow outside its core retail grocery business and by standards of governance around the approval of the deal at Board level. Whilst aspects of Tesco’s merger with Booker look […]