External Presentations

External Presentations

The Forum presents at external events, hosted by its member funds or by other organisations

Corporate Engagement

Tessa Younger of PIRC presents on the Forum’s approach to engagement, June 2015


LAPFF and Climate Change

Cllr Richard Greening of the LAPFF Executive Committee presents the Forum’s approach to engagement on climate change, February 2015.


Where Next for Shareholder Engagement

Cllr Kieran Quinn, LAPFF chair, presents on Shareholder Engagement, Influencing Change, June 2014


News Corp: Corporate governance & business culture (PRI Webinar – login required)

Tom Powdrill of PIRC describes LAPFF’s view on corporate governance and risk concerns resulting from the News Corp phone hacking scandal, February 2012.


Incentivising Executives  (UNPRI Webinar)

Presentation on the Forum’s “Incentivising Executives” project, which looks at the link between non-financial performance and long-term executive pay, February 2008.